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2024 Repair price list

service your guitar Neck

Fret Work
Level, Crown and Polish 
Crown and Polish Only       $50.00

Complete Re-fret   $250.00 to $500

Remove & replace all frets, level Crown and Polish

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Action/Set-up/Adjustments S.J.L. Guitar Deluxe Set Up


Adjust truss rod, string height, nut slots, bridge radius, pick-up height,
tuners, intonation, tighten all screws, condition fretboard
and polish guitar $99.00 strings extra or bring your own and save!!

Replace Saddle

Hand carved Bone, Tusq or Bone             $65 - $100 + saddle material.

Replace Nut  - Bone, Tusq Graphite or XL nut material extra      $65.00 - $100 + nut material 12 string extra

Acoustic Guitars

Saddle Replacement – custom-carved, compensated bone saddle $69.00

Bone Nut and Saddle Replacement – custom-carved, compensated saddle$95.00

Electronic / Pick-Up's and Wiring

Prices based on $65/hour
Most complete rewires will be $97.50 (1.5 hours) plus parts as needed *Parts Not Included*

Wring of your guitars

Output Jack Replacement $30.00 (excludes socket)
Potentiometer Replacement $35.00 (excludes pot)
Selector Switch Replacement $45.00 (excludes switch)
Complete Rewire $95.00 (solid body, guitars)
complete, Rewire $120.00(semi, acoustic guitars).  Strat style Scratch-plate replacement & re-fit all electrics $60.00 (excludes parts)

Jake  Jonson
    Jake Jonson


    Love this shop! Steve took my Wolfgang and made her sing. It was an Ebay purchase and the guitar had a few issues which Steve made right. Very happy. Thanks guys! joEy

    Nancy Stephenson
      Nancy Stephenson


      Steve is amazing with what he can do with guitars. He has my Gibson SG setup like a dream, much easier to play and sounds wonderful! Thank you! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for guitar repair he is truly the best!

      Michael Burin
        Michael Burin


        My guitar is playing like new, thanks to you. This is like a fountain of youth. I have never felt so energized. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

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